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  • Quitting is option. It's a choice. A choice which we only see when it gets tough. Then tougher. Then more tougher. Until you just happen to throw down the towel. Quitting is an option. An option you see when others are criticising you. And when their criticism gets into your heart. . . . @iAbrarRaza . . . #neverquit
  • Vital means essential. And without hope life comes to an end. People who stop being able to see even the slightest bit of hope in their life, are the ones who give up their life. Why is hope SO important? What is so special about it? Why does it matter so much? Well, to answer all those questions I just have one answer. What will happen if your respiratory system stops working? The whole process of breathing just freezes, stops. What will happen if you are simply not able to breathe? And the answer to this is no rocket science to any of us. We would die. We die within seconds, or within minutes. Exactly like that, hope is absolutely essential for our mind and soul. It is absolutely essential for our brain to breathe hope, maybe in a very little quantity, but it must. Those with the tremendous amount of hope, are the ones who could sustain longest. Just on hope and without any real and substantial success. Those who never give up on their hope, are just hopeful in any and every circumstances; are determined, courageous, truly strong and have immense amount of faith in them. Hope does not come out of thin air. It is not something we are born with in varied quantity. Hope is cultivated. Hope is cultivated in so many possible ways. An unshakable determination, immense and undoubted faith in themselves, no fear of failure, ready to face any adverse circumstances for any goal, love towards themselves or someone else, are some of the most important aspects which cultivate Hope. People generally say, 'Don't give up on hope., Because that's the last thing you would give up. Try to cultivate more and stronger hope in you. It is vital for life, success, achievement, longevity and happiness. . . . @iAbrarRaza . . . #hope #life #success #strength #lifequotes #believe #dontgiveup #relentless #succeed #dailyart #dailyquotes #psychology #psychologist #trainer #coach #mentor #abrar #abarraza #happiness
  • Wake up everyday to go to sleep like an enhanced version of yourself. Else, the day is wasted. Our body does not stop growing/aging for even a fraction of a second. Our brain does not stop working, not even in our sleep. Earth, time, universe, never stops. Each and everything is growing and moving ahead. But those things are on automated mode of growth and progress. But our learning, our becoming of a better and newer version of self, our learning, our inspiration, our actions are not automated. It requires conscious, deliberate and focused attention and action only to become a better person next day. There are various ways and means for you to keep yourself on the track of growth every single day. So that when you wake up EVERYDAY you could feel and know that yesterday was not as wise me as I am today. You could feel, yesterday was something that put something inside me. You could feel that new weight inside your mind, heart or soul. Keep Growing. Keep enhancing yourself in some manner. That's gives a lot of meaning to life. All the best! . . . @iAbrarRaza . . . #grow #becomebetter #enhanced #growth #dailyquotes #dailyart #abrar #abrarraza #psychologist #coach #mentor #trainer #live #life #lifequotes
  • Failure is an indicator which shows where your natural boundary and your comfort zone exists. It's a measuring instrument which tells you what is working, what did not work, what are your limitations, what needs improvement and strength. Failure is your that friend who gives you real, tangible and accurate feedback about your work. The more you meet your friend, the better you will get a guidance. Don't take failure personally. Failure does not indicate that you failed. Failure indicates what did not work. And a wise person knows to analyse, understand, interpret, learn, and apply every ounce of data collected from that failure to move further ahead. Failure is needed. Failure is a must thing. In lot many ways than you can imagine. Make the most out of your failure. Thousand failures does not happen to fail you. It simply happens to remind you that either you are setting a too high a goal, or too low a motivation, courage, resources, skills and application. Find a perfect balance, and you are set to go. Either lower down your goal, or keep on perfecting your process. Choice is clearly yours. . . . @iAbrarRaza . . . #failure #success #good #keepitreal #abrar #abrarraza #coach #trainer #psychologist #mentor #believeinyourself #dontlosehope
  • Review every little habit. Each and every. Starting from brushing up of your teeth to your coffee drinking; from waking up late to your exercise routine. Question every damn habit. Write them down. And look at them as your employee. And then Question them: Are you bringing positive change in my life? Are you Important for the well-being of my life? Are you not wasting my time, my money, my energy, my emotions, or any other precious resources of my life? Would I be doing better or worse - either in short-term or long-term- if I let you go? Those answers will tell you to sack those habits immediately from your life. It will tell you that how you hired a wrong habit for your life. It will tell how and why the resources of your life has been depleting so bad and you are not able to progress in your life. Minimise your habits. Remember the count of all your habits. Every month review the performance of each habit. And the point any habit looks like a burden. #ELIMINATE A bad or an extra habit of yours is not just slowing down your life. But it is not paving way for a better a much needed habit in your life. Our life is made up of all the habits that have planted in our life. So, are you planting a bush, or a flower? Are you planting a flower which only looks beautiful, or it smells good too? Remember, even one filthy smelling plant can spoil the whole experience of your garden. It might spoil your whole life, which only later do we realise. Don't go by the size of that plant. Review the garden of your habits. And eliminate, uproot and throw it as far away as possible. Immediately. Now! . . . @iAbrarRaza . . . #habit #life #changinglife #mentor #trainer #coach #dailyquotes #psychologist #abrar #abrarraza
  • Action brings real change. Action brings the result. And only action has capacity to change anything at all. No better word to portray the real, true and organic action is there than DO. DO is direct. DO is spontaneous. DO is a command. DO is present. DO has no confusion. DO is a complete sentence in itself. We decide. We then keep thinking. We keep on delaying to bring "The plan" to perfection - in our mind. We keep on creating and "doing" the things we decided in our mind for so long that we actually get tired of doing it in our brain. And DOING takes the back seat. DO says sprint in action. Right now. No more delay. It says enough of thinking. Do says 'come on! Unleash me now!'. DO is so energetic and so enthusiastic that when command is handed over to DOING, we actually bring things to reality. Don't ignore your DO. It gets tired sitting there, waiting for your plan to come out of your mind. It is waiting and getting old each day. Don't worry about the finishing touches. Don't worry about minute little details to be taken care in your brain. Don't wait for someone. Don't underestimate your DO. It will take care of lot many things than you can imagine. Unleash your #DO. #NOW . . . iAbrarRaza . . . #action #result #start #productivity #plan #reality #abrar #abrarraza #personaltrainer #psychology #psychologist #train #gettrained #potential
  • You owe it to nobody. You don't owe to your friends first. You don't owe even to your family first. You first owe to yourself. You owe a big time to yourself. If you will not stand for yourself. If you would not stick with yourself. If you would not consider and agree to yourself, then no one is going to. Ever. The level of commitment towards yourself shows your character. It shows what you mean to yourself. It shows how you are important to yourself. It shows how reliable you are. Those who can't commit to even themselves, they can never commit to anyone else. They don't value Relationship. That Relationship which is there with themselves. Don't prove anything to anyone. Don't listen to what anyone says to you. Don't accept what anyone says about you. Unless. You. First listen to what you are saying to yourself. Unless first you accept what you are saying to yourself. Unless you take yourself seriously. Your commitment towards yourself says everything about you. COMMIT TO YOURSELF. that means a lot for your own good. . . . @iAbrarRaza . . . #commit #commitment #you #youcomefirst #sticktoyourself #selfdevelopment #personaltrainer #motivationalquotes #motivation #dailyquotes
  • There always comes a better _____________ . . . . @iAbrarRaza . . . #time #life #better #things #opportunity #lesson
  • Bold do not need introduction. They make their presence felt. Bold is neither arrogant, not over-confident. Bold is neither about leading, nor it is about following. Bold is not bothered for the petty game. They are busy in their own game. In their own personal competition with themselves. They do not crave for praise. Neither are they so eager to please. Bold is like planet Jupiter. Bold is like Lion. Bold is like Mount Everest. They all are not aware what they are. How huge they are. How tall they are. How leading they are. They all are just there. Making their presence felt. Bold is beautiful. Bold is eye catching. Bold is above vanity. Bold is are not deterred. Bold is not bothered. Bold needs no introduction. Bold is above crowd. Bold is grounded, yet stands tall. Bold is humble, yet intimidating. Bold is simple, yet powerful. Bold is just bold. Bold is just beautiful. . . . @iAbrarRaza . . . #Bold #boldisbeautiful #understanding #beautiful #life #simple #powerful #alphabet #b #beyond #abovethecrowd #dailyquotes #personality #psychology #abrar #abrarraza #live #life #meaning #lion #mounteverest #jupiter #coach #counseling #trainers #lifeskills #lifechanging #lifehacks
  • Attitude makes all the difference. Our attitude towards anything, our career, health, relationships, job, family, life, and so on, is really important in deciding what we make out of them. The unconscious thought about everything decides that attitude, and thus those decide how we are actually doing w.r.t them. Choosing our attitude is really crucial in changing our life and all the things in it. . . . . @iAbrarRaza . . . #A #attitude #life #meaning #lifequotes #lifechanging #ourthoughts #live #abrar #abrarraza #psychology #belief #understanding #handmade #notes #dailyart
  • What we like, enjoy and find interesting is what we become. And what we become is how we like, enjoy or find anything interesting. . . follow @iAbrarRaza . . . . #Abrar #AbrarRaza #Psychologist #counseling #whatwedo #whatweare #webecome #personality #become #change #interesting #breakfree #awakening #awareness #aware #becoming #enjoy #like #strange
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