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Refund & Cancellation Policy

1. Cancellation of all our services are customer's right. And they are entitled to stop taking our services at any given moment they want. You simply need to let us know via sending an email to citing you are no longer interested in continuing to take our services.

2. Our clients are entitled to seek a refund of their payment made to us within 7 days of making their payment. Post 7 days we will deny any refund whatsoever. Clients may choose to write us an email and it will be totally at our discretion if we want to go ahead with approving any or all refunds.

3. Our services are as per the Terms & Conditions of our services laid out.

4. If any services have been availed after making the payment and cancellation and refund are sought within 7 days, we will deduct for the services availed during those 7 days.

5. For any further doubts and questions regarding the Refund policy will be per our direct communication with you. If any situation falls outside of the purview of this webpage.

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